Children’s health care and diseases deparments of Hayat Clinic are rendering treatment and prophylactic services for children and youth under 16 years. Our friendly personal are rendering high level services for our patients. You can trust health of your children to doctors working in the polyclinic who acquired great achievements in foreign countries. One of the most significant targets of children’s health and diseases departments of the clinic is to make precise diagnosis of patients and to provide them with correct treatment for returning the most valuable thing in their lives – their health to them.

The Hayat Clinic applies standard Check-up Programs taking age and gender differences into account (4-14 ages).

Inoculation program for children as approved by the Ministry of Health is implemented accordingly.

A phlebotomy room for making blood analysis of your babies is exclusively rendering these services for our policlinic with a nurse specially trained for this work. Alongside with control of health children, inoculation in timely manner and other required examinations, our doctors also help ill children. All required examinations are made in timely manner. In an observation room of our clinic allocated for short-term tracking and treatment procedures such as control over and treatment of children as prescribed by doctors are followed. Polyclinic services are rendered based on rendezvous.

Moreover, our clinic ensures physiotherapy services for children, and there are hydrokinesitherapy, children-oriented therapeutic physical training, treatment of infantile autism through micropolarisation in special rooms.