The urgency of the problem
Currently, the male factor accounts for 50% of infertility cases. It should be noted that a quarter of a century ago, the male factor was only 40%, that is, male health is deteriorating and there is an increase in male infertility.

The reasons:
The causes of male infertility are external and internal - non-viability of spermatozoa or anatomical disorders:
• Injury and damage to the testicles and organs of the scrotum
• Congenital pathology of the genital organs
• Expansion of the veins of the testicle and spermatic cord
• Infectious diseases (mumps, sexually transmitted diseases, prostatitis, etc.)
• Hormonal disorders
• Immunological disorders
• Absence of sperm in the ejaculate (ejaculation, ejaculation)
• Sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction - impotence)
• Lack of vitamins, unhealthy diet
• Wrong lifestyle
• Systemic diseases (diabetes, liver cirrhosis, tuberculosis, etc.)
• Chronic stress, alcohol and drug abuse

Hayat Clinic uses the following methods to examine male infertility:
• Blood test, Rh factor, blood group
• Serum analysis
• Semen analysis (volume, motility, morphology and sperm count)
• Analysis of the secretion of seminal vesicles
• Testicular biopsy
• Examination of urine
• Genetic research
• Cytological examination of the prostate gland
• Tests for the presence of antisperm antibodies in ejaculate and serum
• Hormonal research

After the diagnosis, the main cause of male infertility is eliminated. A highly qualified specialist in the field of urology prescribes complex treatment, hormonal therapy, and, if necessary, various types of biopsies and endoscopic operations. There are currently many treatments for male infertility at Hayat Clinic.
The sooner the examination begins, the more successful the treatment of male infertility will be and the real opportunity to become a wonderful father will appear.