Jale Garayeva


Jale Garayeva is a neurologist and EEG (electroencephalography) expert, which specialized in Turkey.

In 2001 she attended the Azerbaijan State Medical University with a high score and graduated in 2007.

Dr. Jala Garayeva was specialized in the Department of Neurology, Ankara Gazi Hospital.

She has participated in numerous courses, seminars, conferences in our country and abroad and has received certificates.

She has presented medical articles in leading scientific journals around the world, represented our country at neurological seminars and symposiums held in Turkey and other European countries.

The results were received with great interest by world-renowned neurologists and repeatedly awarded with various diplomas.


Diseases she treats:

– EEG (electroencephalography) in both sleep and awake

– Annoyance, neurosis, depression, panic attacks

– Speech problems, stuttering, seizures in children

– Different types of headaches, dizziness

– Sleep and memory problems

– Epilepsy

– Enuresis

– Different types of spinal problems (neck, spine and back pain)

– Cerebrovascular diseases (strokes)

– Different type of nerve and muscle problems