Check UP

Check UP


Today, health is an integral part of the success and well-being of any person. However, everyone can ask how much does he/she care of his/her health, how attentive is he/she to his/her body?

At the moment, we can safely say that going to medical institutions for help is a kind of torture – a certain stereotype among the population of our country. Needle phobia, loss of time, money and the most important incompetence of doctors. As a result, we appear at a doctor’s appointment directly after facing a certain problem face to face when changing something will take a lot of time, effort, patience and naturally means.

Meanwhile, you can often find such a thing as check-up in Western medicine, which is translated from English as an inspection. It is used to refer to a preventive health survey. Today, the concept of check-up was successfully introduced into Azerbaijani medicine as well. But, sadly, it not so popular here, as in European countries. This fact is very regrettable, since it is primarily necessary to take care of your health.


Doctors insist that even if a person does not have complaints, it is necessary to check his/her health, that is, sometimes to undergo a complete examination. Preventive treatment makes it possible to take measures to prevent diseases at an early stage of their development. To do this, there is a check-up.


Check-up is the opportunity to undergo a full medical examination of the body for a short time and to find out the risks of pathology and to adjust your lifestyle so that to avoid the development of the disease. In addition, it is an opportunity to identify existing diseases before the disease has destroyed the body, and take preventive measures.

Standard check-up schedule at the Medical Center HAYAT CLINIC


1Visit the therapist40 minutes
2Submit to a blood test (in the morning, in fasting state)10 minutes
3Make ultrasound diagnosis of internal organs (in the morning, in fasting state)40 minutes
4Visit a gynecologist / urologist40 minutes
5Make transvaginal ultrasound (for women)30 minutes
6Visit the endocrinologist40 minutes
7Visit the therapist20 minutes

Preparation of examination results can take up to 2 days. After the results of all laboratory and instrumental tests are ready, the therapist will formulate a list of recommendations and appointments and send it to your email. In addition, you can pick up a paper version of the results in our clinic.

Moreover, 20 check-up programs have been developed at the Medical Center HAYAT CLINIC taking into account the gender, age and possible complaints of the patient. Remember:
The body is your friend. Do not treat him like an enemy. (Eric Berne)