Check Up

«Prevention is always better than treatment»,  - doctors are agree with this and advice to pass regular Check-Ups to all of the patients.

One of our clinic’s advantages is  Check-Up!

Check-Up –is “express” programs of complex medical examination which give you the full information about your health state written in medical passport and recommedations about lifestyle from consulting specialist. The advantage of Check-Up is that patient must not wait at queues and takes all examinations in some hours. After Check-Up tests are passed, patient receives all the answers and conclusions by e-mail and as a health passport.
We developed the huge spectra of prophylactic an diagnostic medical Check-Up programs in cooperation with leading clinics of Europe. While Check-Up programs are drawing up, we consider sex, age and disease risk factors. All the examinations at Hayat Clinic are carrying out using the latest innovative technic equipment, most of which are unique.
One of the main advantages of HAYAT clinic's emergency diagnostic programs is the ability to get accurate and complete information about your health in a short time according to international protocols, along with an affordable pricing policy.

Check-Up at Hayat Clinic and farewell with diseases before they appear!