The  laboratory of the Hayat Clinic Medical Center is one of the unique and innovative clinical diagnostic laboratories operating in Azerbaijan. Our laboratory is equipped with the most modern equipment and instruments. Hayat Clinic uses only reagents from Europe, America, Israel and Canada. The purchase, transportation and storage of reagents are under special control. We also cooperate with Germany, England and Turkey. At the moment we are cooperating with 4 organizations from Turkey:

  • Amerikan Koch Hastanesi
  • University Kocaeli Tip
  • Group of laboratories Düzen
  • Laboratory of genetic diagnostics and research Intergen.

For carrying out laboratory analyzes in the institution, a special mechanism for double control has been created:

At the 1st stage – complete control over the fence, transportation, preparation of the material for analysis.

At the second stage – the analysis, evaluation of the result obtained, repeat analysis in an alternative device with suspicion of incorrectness of responses, Negative and Positive control, daily testing of devices with reference blood purchased from the manufacturer.

Laboratory office:

  • Clinic Laboratory
  • Biochemical laboratory
  • Immunological laboratory
  • Histology and cytology laboratory
  • PCR Laboratory of Hayat Clinic

The Laboratory of PCR (Polymer Chain Reaction) of the Hayat Clinic Medical Center for the first time in Azerbaijan carries out the process of isolation of DNA and RNA from the obtained sample (blood, swab, urine) in a fully automated system – in the MagNa Pure Compact instrument.

Gunay Mammadova

Gunay Mammadova

Doctor -Laboratory assistant