Physiotherapy and Reabilitation

HAYAT Clinic is the only medical center in Transcaucasia equipped with a unique physiotherapy complex.

The Physiotherapy Department at HAYAT Clinic is a versatile combination of innovative technology and comfort.

It presents modern developments in the field of electrotherapy, magnetic, laser, shock wave, thermal and many other areas that are widely used in various pathological conditions.

More about some of them:


HILT -therapy

Shock wave therapy 


Our department also provides procedures for classical electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, ultrahigh-frequency therapy, cryotherapy, deep oscillation, lymphatic drainage and electrostimulation of the lymphatic and venous systems, as well as diagnostics, electrical stimulation and monitoring of the treatment of otolaryngological and speech disorders ( Vocastim)

For the rehabilitation of patients with injuries of the musculoskeletal system, the department provides installations for passive and active development of joints (Artromot)
Thermal therapy is also included in the treatment regimen.

For neuro-rehabilitation programs for adults, children and newborns, the following techniques will be used:

transvertebral micropolarization,
transcranial magnetotherapy,
extremely high frequency herapy.
Massage is a wellness procedure that was used many centuries ago by our ancestors to treat diseases, recover from injuries, relieve tension and maintain a person's tone. The big advantage of massage is that it has a beneficial effect on the entire body, even if it is applied in a specific area. Due to the improvement of blood circulation, cells are saturated with oxygen, metabolic processes are improved and metabolic products are removed. The body begins to produce such valuable hormones as histamine and endorphins, making you feel comfortable, pleasant emotions and relaxation.

Hayat Clinic offers the following types of massage:

Therapeutic children's massage (cerebral palsy)
Therapeutic massage for adults
Trigger massage
Classic massage
Anticellulite massage
Honey massage
Reflex (deep massage)


Yegana Aliyeva

Yegana Aliyeva