About us


HAYAT Clinic is a unique medical center that meets the standards of medical science and covers various profiles. Being a modern type of treatment and diagnostic center, we offer you a high level of innovative service with new technologies, professional and dynamic staff.

The main purpose of our activity is to prevent the development of diseases. For this purpose, together with a number of leading clinics in Europe, we have developed a wide range of preventive and diagnostic examinations - medical CHECK-UP programs.

CHECK-UP software is a comprehensive analysis of the results obtained during examinations on human health.

These examinations are performed using the latest innovative technical equipment provided by our clinic. Most of these devices are unique.

At HAYAT Clinic, you can perform all examinations in a faster, more comfortable environment, and even the most difficult examinations in a painless manner.

Since the opening of the clinic, more than 20,000 patients have trusted us.

Our activity is to form a new way of thinking in the field of private medicine. First of all, the interests of the patient and the safety of treatment should be taken into account. Andwe are confident that we can do it. Our knowledge and willingness to help is as high as the professionalism of our specialists.

Our goal is to apply the most modern methods of examination and treatment based on international medical protocols to the medical field of our country.


The specialists of our clinic are constantly improving their knowledge. HAYAT Clinic closely cooperates with famous clinics in Europe and Turkey.

We are sure we will live up to all your expectations!

Always focus on positive thoughts, love yourself and your loved ones, and take care of the health of your soul and the health of your body!