Urology is a branch of medicine concerned with etiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics and treatment of diseases founded in the male and female urogenital system.

Urology is divided into the following divisions:

Andrology – is concerned with development of male genital organs and diseases generated by infections in these organs. Congenital problems (phimosis in children), inflammatory processes (prostatitis, urethritis, cystitis) and derivatives refer to these diseases.

Urogynecology – studies relation of urological and gynecological diseases.

Children urology- is concerned with with development of urogenital system of children and diseases found in these organs.

Geriatric urology – is concerned with diagnostocs and treatment of problems found in elderly people’s urogenital organs.

HAYAT Clinic Medical Center helps with treatment of the following diseases related with andrology field of urology:

Advanced treatment of male childlessness

Advanced treatment of sexual debility

Advanced treatment of sexual continence

Advanced treatment of premature orgasm

Advanced treatment of prostatitis-related diseases with medicines and by physiotherapeutic equipment

Treatment of sexually trasmitted infections

Advanced treatment of female sexual debility

Advanced treatment of female sexual orgsdm problems

Pre-wedding examination