Why Hayat

Medical Center Hayat Clinic officially provides diagnostic and rehabilitation services since February 2015. The main purpose is to break stereotypes about medicine, to make innovative decisions both in the field of diagnostics and in the service sphere. Coming to our clinic you will feel the atmosphere of coziness and the warmth of the staff, at the same time your convenience is provided with the arrival to the territory of the clinic.

The equipment of the last generation in our Medical Center allows to conduct the most accurate diagnosis of your physical condition, as well as to conduct rehabilitation and relaxation procedures. All researches are conducted on the most advanced certified equipment of “General Electric” in the department of radiology (MRI, CT, X-ray, densitometry, mammography, ultrasound), Storz in the otolaryngology room, David, Vakumed, Artromod functioning in the department of physiotherapy and rehabilitation and Olimpus 190 – in gastroenterology.

Physiotherapy is a specialized field of clinical medicine, a set of methods for treating of various diseases with the help of physical factors such as electric current, magnetic radiation, heat, air, light and others. Physiotherapy is an integral part of the rehabilitation period after severe injuries, as well as chronic diseases of various organs. To date, there are many different methods that allow to beneficially affect both on the body as a whole and on the local problem areas. Physiotherapy is the main part of medical rehabilitation along with physiotherapy exercises, manual therapy, massage.The Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is fitted with equipment of leading world manufacturers from different countries such as the USA, Germany, Italy, Finland, Spain, Japan, etc.
We also carry out procedures of classical electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, ultra-high-frequency therapy, cryotherapy, deep oscillation, lymphatic drainage and electro stimulation of the lymphatic and venous system. Diagnostics, electro stimulation and treatment control of otolaryngological and speech disorders are also conducted in our department.
Apparatus for passive and active development of joints are provided for the rehabilitation of patients with musculoskeletal system injuries.
Heat treatment (fango – paraffin), massage and hydro massage are also included in the treatment scheme.
The following methods will be used in the programs of neuro-rehabilitation for adults, children and newborns: transcranial, transvertebral micro-polarization, transcranial magnet therapy, extremely high-frequency therapy.
The department also provides health procedures.
They are an infrared sauna with inhalation of the Dead Sea salts, chromotherapy, music therapy, Charcot’s shower, rain shower, Kneipp treatment.
Types of procedures:
Laser therapy of all kinds;
Shockwave therapy of the latest generation simultaneously has a therapeutic effect on superficial and deep-lying soft tissues;
High-Tone Therapy. The therapeutic effect of over-tone therapy is not achieved by simple electrical stimulation of the nerve muscles, it is achieved by the launch of a number of intracellular biochemical and biophysical reactions. The effectiveness of treatment on this device is higher than by conventional electrotherapy;
Interval Vacuum Therapy – Developed based on technology (low-pressure device for the lower body). The effects of vacuum therapy: the improvement and restoration of microcirculation – the expansion of spasmed or clogged capillaries, the oxygen saturation of tissues, the prevention of gangrene and the possibility to avoid limb amputation, improvement of the cardiovascular and cerebral activity, healing of trophic and other ulcers, fistula, wounds, accelerated rehabilitation after plastic surgery;
Lymphatic drainage is the acceleration of lymphatic outflow, detoxification at the cellular level; acceleration of metabolism, increase of oxygen level in tissues; restoration of the connective tissue structure, activity increase of proteolytic and similar enzymes, including the collagenase enzyme. Active regeneration of collagen and elastin leads to recovery of skin elasticity, vessel walls, arthral ligaments and muscle tissue;
Application fields: angiology, vascular pathology, phlebology, vascular surgery, endocrinology, diabetology, dermatology, aesthetic medicine, rehabilitation, sports medicine, orthopedics, gynecology, urology, physiotherapy.
Indications for use:
Occlusion of peripheral arteries, diabetic microangiopathy, hypertension of stage I – II, chronic venous insufficiency (post-thrombotic syndrome); trophic and other ulcers;
prevention of thrombosis and vascular diseases, post-stroke complications; atrophy and hypotrophy of the lower limb muscles; weakness of connective tissue; intestinal hypotension and atony; aesthetic procedures (cellulite, obesity, rehabilitation after plastic surgery); dermatoses (psoriasis, neurodermatitis); violation of sexual potency; detoxification of the body, increase in general tone.
Magnetoturbotron is a general magnet therapy, which affects the entire body by various types of rotating magnetic field of low intensity. General magnet therapy via the magnetic field effects on the entire body simultaneously by placing the patient entirely inside the large diameter inductor and allows simultaneously affecting all body systems including nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular and lymphatic, as well as metabolism and oxidation-reduction processes etc.

Laboratory of Medical Center Hayat Clinic works as a clinical, biochemical, serological, PCR laboratory since 2014.
Our laboratory is fitted with the equipment of the world’s leading specialists in Japan, Germany, USA and all conditions are created for the accurate diagnosis of patient analyzes ROCHE (Switzerland-Germany), SYSMEX (Japan), Micro Optic Spanish firm.
In our country, only HAYAT clinic conducts an objective and strictly confidential examination on MICROPTIC analyzers made in Spain. Sperm analysis system Sperm Class Analyzer Casa (computerized sperm analysis system) is a fully automated system that determines the following sperm indices.
1. Sperm motility
2. Concentration of sperm
3. Sperm head morphology
4. Viability of sperm
5. Fragmentation of DNA
Thus, in the case when analyzes result is not normal the established planned and unplanned controls automatically conduct a secondary examination not saving on reagents. As a result, the integration program LİS is completely automated research devoid of the human factor that reduces the probability of error to zero.