Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

HAYAT CLINIC is an only treatment center in Caucasus furnished with unique physiotherapeutic complexes.

Physiotherapy department of HAYAT CLINIC is a place bringing innovational technologies and convenience together.  This department applies for different diseases various state-of-art treatment methods such as electrotherapy, magnet, laser and shock-wave therapy, heating procedures, hydrotherapy etc.

Here are details of some procedures:

VACUMED-interval vacuum treatment apparatus – is an innovation designed based on NASA advanced technologies for application during vascular diseases of extremities. Working principle of VACUMED device is based on variable impact of negative atmospheric pressure on lower extremities and peritoneal cavity.  Under impact of negative pressure, capillaries dilate and the number of working capillaries increases. Consequently, due to increase of perfusion of blood in tissues, cells get enriched with oxygen and nourishing things. Even tissues with poor blood supply and ischemic tissues get activated and recovered. Normal atmospheric pressure strengthens venous flow of blood and lymph in vessels thereby intensifying lymph drainage which in its turn ensures fast removal of metabolism products (metabolism gets activated). VACUMED-interval vacuum treatment apparatus is very effective in recovery of circulation in lower and upper extremities.  Interval treatment apparatus is a guarantee of longevity!
Instructions for interval vacuum treatment:

Occlusion (cramming) of peripheral arteries
Chronic venous deficiency
Atrophic and other ulcers of different origins
Prophylaxis of vascular diseases and thrombosis, strengthening of vessels
Muscular  atrophy or hypotrophy of lower extremities
Traumatology and ortopedy
Post-operation recovery period
Detoxication of organism
Diabetic paw
VACUMED – (effectiveness of an interval vacuum treatment apparatus)

Improvement of microcirculation and recovery – dilation of spasmodic, occluded capillary blood vessels, supply of tissues with oxygen.
Lymphatic-drainage   – expedience of lymph circulation (at cellular level)
Expedience of metabolism – improvement of metabolism of an oil tissue, expedience of metabolism, increase of oxygen in tissues.
Recovery of connective tissue structure (architecture)  – alkalization of cellular pH, increase of proteoclastic  and other ferments, as well as increased activity of collagenase;
Active regeneration of collagen and elastin   – recovery of firmness and elasticity of skin, vascular walls, joint ties, muscular tissues

HILT(high intensity laser treatment)-therapy
HILT therapy – is a specially worked out method of a laser therapy based on patented laser impulses, which is applied in treatment of spinal problems.  Such pathologies are generated as a result of traumas, strong physical influence and so on.

HILT-therapy apparatus creates a very strong laser impulse affecting in a short period.  Consequently, a laser beam penetrates into deep tissues without heating surface tissues. Accordingly, heating damage in this treatment method is exception.

Another advantage of HILT-therapy is obtaining of high effectiveness. As this method helps to relieve pains, it is possible to continue rehabilitation.

Moreover, HILT-therapy accelerates inner biological processes of a body, improves microcirculation of blood, lymphatic drainage, and gives birth to recovery of tissues.

Instructions for HILT- therapy:

Articular diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, bursitis etc.)
Traumas and posttraumatic injuries
Inflammatory processes of a cartilaginous tissue
Spinal osteochondrosis
Laser treatment of intervertebral disk holes
What are uses of HILT-therapy?

Diminution of spinal holes
Relief of osteochondrosis
Treatment of chronic radiculitis
Improvement of state of a joint during arthrosis and other articular diseases
Elimination of severe pains resulting with squeezing of spinal roots.
Rehabilitation of injured deep tissues, e.g. fractures, breaks of cords, muscular injuries etc.
Shock-wave therapy – up-to-date and effective treatment method of the musculoskeletal system. This unique treatment method is based on usage of sound waves for medical purposes.  Treatment procedure is conducted by a special device creating very low-frequency sound waves (acoustic waves). In a region exposed to the device, these acoustic waves diffuse through tissues up to bones. This method of treatment is used broadly for its simplicity and effectiveness. During the procedure a patient already feels the following changes:
Increase of blood flow in a region exposed to the device
Alleviation of pains
Mood improvement
As this procedure is simple, no special preparations are required. The most significant feature is improvement of a patient’s mood even during the first séance. Shock-wave therapy is applied mainly in diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Instructions for shock-wave therapy:

Heel spur or plantar fasciitis
Osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis
Tendinosis, bursitis, synovitis, lingamentosis
Scapulohumeral periarthritis
Muscular-tonic syndrome
Late commissure of fractures
During pains after traumas, (endo)prosthesis/implant
Uses of shock-wave therapy:

Increased circulation in an exposure region
Breakage and absorption of Ca deposits (inside and around of tendon)
Reduction of inflammation
Pain relief
Increase of endurance of tissues
“EOL” Magneto therapy device (Magnetturbotron). This device produces a magnet field entirely moving around a human body. General Magnetic Therapy (GMT) – is capable to impact on all systems of organism (nervous, endocrine, cardio-vascular, lymphatic, metabolism etc.) simultaneously.  During procedures exposed to all body (mud applications, bathes etc.), curing effect is transmitted to tissues through skin, while effect of GMT application is felt entirely. This time, a patient’s mood gets increased and body stamina to negative factors and its compensatory ability grows.  Working principle of the device constitutes production of whirl fields in a human body. As a result, blood circulation gets intensified, metabolism processes accelerated, and energy exchange improves. The most advantageous feature of the device is possibility of its penetration into deep tissues and organs through along entire body surface.  Additionally, magnetturbotron may be easily programmed and made changes in any time.


Functional disorders of musculoskeletal apparatus (spinal osteochondrosis, atrophic arthritis, deformational osteoarthrosis, arthritis,  damages,  epicondylitis)
Psychosomatic disorders (chronic fatigue syndrome, vegetative-vascular distonia,  depressive  and asthenic states, neurosis)
Neurology (aftereffects of cephalic traumas and spinal injuries and circulatory disorders, discirculatory  encephalopathy , neuropathy of cranial and peripheral nerves, epilepsy, aftereffects of neuroinfections, arterial hypertension, obliterating endarteritis, vascular atherosclerosis, chronic venous deficiency, atrophic disorders, hemorrhages, first and gained lymphostasis)
Diseases of digestive tract constituents: uncomplicated forms of gastro-duodenal  ulcers, gastritis, cholecystitis/gallbladder inflammation, 3-4 weeks after gastrointestinal surgery operations
Respiratory diseases: sustainable pneumatics, bronchial asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis,  severe and chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, KRX
Endocrinology: pancreatic diabetes and its complication
Urogenital system: calculus diseases, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, adenoma of prostatic glands, acute and chronic adnexitis, salpingoophoritis, corresponding to 12-month pregnancy
Immune Deficiency cases
Oncological diseases:
Non-operable edemas, recurrent malignant tumor and its deposits
Diffused mammary tumor in preoperational stage
Post-operational stage of mammary and other tumors
Lymphomas, lymphostasis
Pain syndrome in non-operable tumors
HITOP- high-tone therapy (HiTop) is a new direction in development of electrotherapy. Resonance generated as a result of usage of a high-frequency (4-32 kHz) variable electric current causes detoxification and rejuvenation of a body, acceleration of metabolism, and energy production. At cellular level, this effect manifests itself with reduction of edema and inflammation, rapid recovery of tissues and mainly, relief of pains even immediately in the first séance.  High-tone therapy is much more effective than pharmacological preparations during treatment of chronic and intractable pains. Furthermore, high-tone treatment method allows increasing endurance of an organism against overloading, stresses and chronic diseases and keeping its state stable.


Spectrum where this method of treatment may be applied is very broad: diseases of the musculoskeletal system, sports medicine, neurology, traumatology, dermatology, gynecology, urology, inner diseases, and psychiatrics.

A positive effect has been obtained in treatment of steatosis and cellulitis.

Orthopedics, traumatology,  surgery (osteochondrosis, arthrosis, bursitis, stretching, fractures, periarthritis, chondropathy, post-operational stage)
Neurology (trigeminal neuralgia, megrim, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, vasomotor headaches, myalgia, enuresis)
Urology, Gynecology (chronic adnexitis, dysmenorrhea, chronic cystitis etc.)
Angiology and diseases of inner organs (arterial hypertension, diabetic angiopathy, chronic venous deficiency, bed ulcers, atrophic ulcers, obesity, constipation)
Psychiatrics (depressions, phobia,  scissoring/cutting/stopping syndrome-kəsilmə sindromu?)
Dermatology (neurodermatosis, psoriasis)
ENT diseases (chronic laryngitis, chronic otitis, chronic maxillitis)
Stomatology (post-operational treatment  for elimination of edema and acceleration of regeneration)
In our department, the following procedures are conducted:

Classic electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, ultrahigh frequency therapy, cryotherapy/ frigotherapy (Fricostream)
Deep oscillation, lymphatic drainage (Pressomed, Lymph Vision), electro-stimulation of venous and lymph system. Alongside with abovementioned, diagnostics and electro-stimulation of otolaryngologic and speech disorders and their control are carried out by VOCASTIM
Artromotdevices are used for ensuring passive and active work of joints with rehabilitation purposes during injuries of musculoskeletal system.
Neurorehabilitation program intended for adults, children and infants includes: trans-cranial and trans-vertebral micro-polarization (Polaris), trans-cranial magneto-therapy, very high frequency therapy.
Our department considers curing-strengthening procedures as well:

Chromo-therapy, Music therapy, Sharko shower, rain shower,  washing via Knap method
DAVID – Complex of training devices

Lumbago (low back pain)  –  is a case which may be encountered by every inhabitant of big cities. We spend a good deal of time behind wheel and before a computer allocating less time for breaks and physical training. Today’s problem is an “epidemic” of low back pains. There is nothing to be surprised at because a modern life mode, work at office, computerizing, TV and sofa which are best friends of ours, and as well as lack of an organized physical load in our lives negatively have a negative effect on our backbones. That’s why a number of inner diseases are generated such as scoliosis, incorrect posture, dorsal flexure, lumbago, radiculitis, and high fatigue of spinal muscles and so on. As a result of this, incorrect posture and incorrect work of some vertebras lead to generation of diseases such as bronchial asthma, ulcers, hypertension, and disorders in rhythm of heart, spinal pains, radiculitis, neurology, disappointment, and lassitude. These reasons are serious enough to think of our spinal columns and begin to physical trainings. But even people constantly going in for sports suffer from spinal pains and encounter various problems of spinal column. Generally, these pains are found in upper (jugular) or lower parts of (waist). Because ordinary training devices distribute load among spinal muscles not equally and make no impact on deep muscles bearing the spine. So, by lapse of time, intervertebral holes are formed in a human’s spinal column.  To think that only massagers and bone-setters are able to cure our spinal pains would be a naivety, as in fact an only real and long-term way of this is the strengthening our spinal and abdominal muscles. With a view to prevent the abovementioned and acquire a long-term effect, a special complex of treatment-oriented training devices named as DAVID has been designed by German scientists.

DAVID – is a complex of special training devices designed so that each part of the spine works. Besides this complex, diagnostics (strength of deep fine muscles and elasticity of spinal parts is measured) is supplied with a helpful computer program. Results of analysis detects weak parts of the spine and identifying a primary load for those indulged in training help to fix a full recovery program for them. DAVID technology is oriented to deep fine muscles of the spine which provides fastening of vertebras and bears a maximum load in strained situations (when lifting a load, when braking suddenly, when a body is overturned, when sitting behind a wheel and at table for a long while). Training in DAVID devices designed based on a special program eliminates muscular disproportions and augments the strength and workability of muscles and is a “stock of endurance” under these straining loads.


First of all, the spine and joints are tested by a computer. Outcomes are identified in a server that collects and processes test data and patients’ treatment protocols. The program will design a profile of your spinal column (joints) which reflects deviation of your indications from the norm. In order to save your data, a plastic sheet will be opened for you. Recovery trainings are arranged individually by a computer program based on test outcomes. They include trainings conducted in professional recovery training devices under supervision of a specialist. Loads are estimated so that your safety and high efficiency is ensured before you feel pains. Trainings for relaxation of target muscles are made additionally.  Tests will be made at the end of the course where you will have an opportunity to see your achievements and feel them. When the recovery program is completed, you will have an opportunity for training for prophylaxis purposes. It is recommended to train for 20-30 minutes once a week. This will ensure that achieved results are preserved for a long while.

In which cases are training devices necessary for waist?

Spinal ostreochondosis and osteoporosis.
• Spondyloarthrosis, disk holes, spondylosis
• Instability of the jugular part of the spine
• Training devices for waists are used for a recovery means after their injury
• Posture disorders and scoliosis
• Migraine and tension-related headache
• Recovery after surgery operations in spinal region
Elimination of chronic pains/syndromes